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Welcome to CharityDay™! The program designed for Charities AND the PEOPLE who support them.

Our basic philosophy is, people don't need to do a lot, just a lot of people need to do. In other words, our campaign encourages a MASSIVE amount of people to do just a tiny bit. The results will amaze you.

Imagine if you will, 200 million people (the adult population of the U.S.). Now imagine each of those people choosing 10 of their favorite charities, and sending each one $1. That would equal $2,000,000,000 in support. Yes, that's $2 billion. We thought that would get your attention. So how do we do this?

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OK, that already takes care of the charities, now let's take care of the supporters, that's you.

The Plan:


We'll gather the addresses of as many charitable organizations as we can, and put them right here, on the CharityDay™ web site . CharityDay™ creates the buzz that hopefully will reach 200 million Americans, encouraging them to participate.

What You'll Do:

(To find out how you can support CharityDay™, click here.)

You will send your gifts directly to the organizations you choose. CharityDay™ does not distribute funds to charities, we just provide the addresses. So please don't send us your $10.

We recommend sending cash, because it's fast and easy. We know in order for this to be effective, it's got to be convenient. However, you can make your donation by check or money order if you wish, that's up to you.. Of course the 10 you choose can come from anywhere, not just the ones listed on our site. (Go to Charity Addresses) (The Vision)


Hey, it's $1 per charity, enough said. The magic happens in the number of people who respond.


Here's the gem. When you mail in your dollar, you'll put it in a plain white envelope, with no return address. Why? Because if they don't have your address, your name won't go on their mailing list! How many times have you given, say, $35 to a charity, then they won't get off your back?!! Every month you get a solicitation mailer asking for more money, along with a guilt-trip gift like "return address labels", or a "calendar". If you want a calendar with pretty horsies on it, you'll go buy one right? If you give money to charity, you want it to go to charity, not to a mailing campaign asking you for more. (Not to mention how much paper gets wasted in the mailers).

Bonus! - The Bulk Mail Chain Breaker! No Mail Logo

You can still give as much as you like if you respond anonymously, rather than through the Mail-In form the charities provide for you. That's how & why you keep getting more & more solicitations! You are assigned an "account number", and it's indicated on their pre-formatted form. If you respond to their solicitations, BINGO!, they know where the money hole is! And you know they'll keep fishing there again & again.

You can break the chain, simply by coming to the CharityDay™ website and looking up an alternate address for a charity. Then send in your gift! Without any pointers back to you!!

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The Vision:

We can make our planet a better place to live, and it really doesn't take a lot of effort. We just need to work together. We'll make it easy. Good things really can come in small packages.

Our Policy:

How you can help:

The hardest part is gathering all the addresses and getting the word to the masses. That's our job, but it will take a great deal of effort and organization. For this reason, we are asking anyone who believes in this campaign to send us $1. Our funding comes entirely from people like you who believe in this cause. (back to The Plan, if you need more convincing)

Remember: CharityDay™ does not distribute funds to charities, we just provide the addresses.

Your $1 gift to CharityDay™ will:

Please show your support, it's only $1. And spread the word, it's up to you to help us put Millions, dare we say Billions of dollars into charities. Ask your friends to visit our website, and be a part of this special movement by sending $1 in a plain white (recyclable) envelope to:



PO Box 220637

Newhall, CA 91322-0637


(Cash makes it easy for you & us, and no need to include a return address, remember?)


Please E-mail your suggestions.

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