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Soccer Tours - Worldwide

For well over 30 years, since 1968, we have been taking American youth and college teams to Europe and around the world, and we offer you our vast experience and great prices if your team would like to enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

Whether you want to go for 9 days or a month we have something to taruhan bola indonesia fit your requirements.  Tournaments, training camps, friendly matches, home stays for boys and girls teams of all ages and experience.

Scandinavia, Britain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Eastern Europe.  We also have tours to more exotic locations:  Latin America, Thailand, Fiji, Morrocco, Australia, and South Africa.  We've been there....done that!

Please give us a call and we will tailor a tour to your demands cara menang judi bola, send you a proposed itinerary, tournament brochures, travel literature, maybe a video and even a personal visit to sit down with players, parents and coaches if you wish.  We can also arrange foreign coaches and training sessions once you arrive.

Soccer tours are not just about the world's greatest game.  They are about growing up and experiencing the culture geography-the sites, sounds, tastes and smells of different lands, and the opportunity to meet the youth of the world on and off the field.

As the Europeans say, "Give us two weeks of your time, and we will give you 2, 000 years of ours."

We have experienced dozens of tournaments from all over Europe from 2 days a week and can suggest the ones with competition and most fun from an 8 team to 1200 team competition.

Parents and supporters welcome.  We sell RAIL EUROPE passes and you can rent cars and suggest side trips while the players are training.

We have been to TEN WORLD CUPS and know  the thrill of watching the greatest tournament in the world.  We will be organizing trips to GERMANY 2006 where you can combine playing friendly matches, training, sightseeing and supporting TEAM USA and other great teams, or just being a fan.


SoccerTex Productions
Contact Ron Griffith
[email protected]
P.O. Box 830040, Richardson, TX  75083 U.S.A.
Telephone & Fax 972-497-9450

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